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Are there reusable hazmat suits?

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Are there reusable hazmat suits?

Are there reusable hazmat suits?

Are there reusable hazmat suits?

If it is industrial protective clothing, generally can be reused, but cleaning will also reduce its protective function. If it is medical protective clothing, in order to avoid cross infection, it is generally disposable and cannot be reused.

At present, medical protective clothing can not be reused, they are disposable materials, and protective clothing is in short supply, so it is recommended for frontline medical staff to use it.

In order for ordinary people to prevent Novel coronavirus infection, first of all, they should not go out. In case they have to go out, they should also take personal protective measures, such as wearing disposable medical masks or N95 masks, which will have a better protective effect. And pay attention to personal hygiene, wash your hands frequently, try not to go to crowded places, also do not directly touch some public facilities with your hands. Always wash your hands with running water and alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap after coming home. In addition, do not have close contact with patients with symptoms of respiratory infections.



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